Essa Ghost Picture

Musician Essa (Da Real Essa) sent us this swimming pool picture which looks to have a hip ghostly face in it. Can you see the ghost face Essa and his manager found? Take a look...

"What's up guys? This is a pic we took in Miami at a guest house we rented. I'm a Universal Records artist. We were workin' on my album there. My manager took this pic and I noticed a face in the and my producer saw what we thought was a ghost, but never said anything."

This type of ghost picture can be caused by anthropomorphizing. Here's more details on the house from Essa:

"We did some research on the house too. One of the guys that built Miami was the one that built this house and you know like I know back then anything being built had to do with cocaine. And the guy who rented the house to us for the weekend said there was a woman who died there (so he says). When I think of big time drug dealers, I don't think people just die at their house naturally...but they couldn't stick the owner with anything."