Telephone Booth Ghost Picture

Kenneth Van Der Merwe from Johannesburg, South Africa sent us this ghost picture, which just may contain a spirit:

"This photo was taken on my first visit to the U.K in December 2002. The phone booth my girlfriend's mom & I are standing in, is right outside London Tower. It was mid-afternoon, overcast, bitterly cold & wet with a light breeze. At the time no one was smoking & besides the four of us there was no one in the immediate viscinity. The camera was a 35mm with an agfa film spool, 200 ASA I think. When I developed the spool I joked about the ghost in this picture, but we all dismissed it as some or other error that was made. I have only recently started reading your website, actually to help a friend find information on the paranormal, he lives next door to (possibly on top of) a very old war cemetery (Anglo Boer War 1898-1902) & what he makes out to be a man, is bothering his youngest son & his wife. I got to reading about the subject & looking at the photos on your website, and that is when I remembered this photo & thought it might be worth the while having a look at it again. I have not altered this picture any way other than scanning it inĀ from the original print."