Amsterdam Ghost Pictures

Sheryl sent us these two ghost pictures of what appears to be glowing energy around them. The energy seems to be concentrated -- encircling both of them. Could the flash setting have caused this, and if so, why didn't it effect other pictures taken that night? Happy engagement!

"I just got back from Amsterdam, and we had our picture taken at this restaurant. It's in a very old building, and we had just gotten engaged. We have a zillion other pictures taken in this restaurant that were totally normal, but these two "post engagement" pictures have a strange foggy mist and swirly things in the background. We had two other "post engagement" pictures taken in the same restaurant, but in a different spot...and they turned out fine."

Update: Frezzasprit sent us the circled pic and the following comment: "If you look at the top on the first photo. It looks like a face. Might be a mask - still its stinking creepy. Just thought I would let you know about it."