Ghost Pictures: Guy In A Cape

Chris from paranormal group "True Hauntings" sent us this cool ghost picture...

"I am new to your site and I am a big fan of paranormal studies and findings. I go out whenever I can to place that are haunted to see if they are really haunted. Right now I have started with a group of believers. We call the team "True Hauntings."

This picture right here was taken on Nov 22, 2004. It was about 1:10 AM in the morning when this picture was taken. The place that we visited was Forest Park Cemetery otherwise known as Pinewoods Cemetery in Troy, NY. It was very cold and it was a clear night with a full moon. Every picture we had taken we got instant results. From spirit orbs,mist, ectoplasm, to the picture I have sent of an apparition. We walked around and decided to take pictures of the building in the front last. When we came back we took pictures and decided to go back to the beginning of the path we took. When I looked down the path I saw something bolt. It moved as soon as I saw it. My friend witnessed it too. It wasn't an animal because there was leaves on the ground and it would have made a sound. WE didn't shine our flashlights over to where it was, it knew we looked at it and it bolted.

Well this picture if you look at the lower left you will see a guy in the cape. I did not photoshop this picture. The only picture I photoshop was the one I labeled test to lighten the area of the hooded ghost. Hopefully you can see it in the original but in the test one I know you will be able to see the hooded ghost."