Family Gathering Ghost Picture

We received this ghost picture with ectoplasm surrounding this family. We would suspect the spiritual presence was most likely another family member. The vapor trails are embracing all of them.

"Is that an angel surrounding us?"TS sent us this creepy ghost picture taken at a family gathering. Only the people who were there can rule out somebody stepping into the you decide if it is a ghost or accident:

"Here is a picture that I want to have looked into. It was taken at a family gathering this Saturday 10/06/07. Would you please tell me if you think this is what I see and think it is?"

The person looks to have a blanket over him or her...and is very short...about three feet. Thus, the apparition is of a young child.

Update! This ghost picture was later solved by the submitter:

"We later found out that my fiance's niece ran with a blanket around her, right as the picture was taken."

- TS