Birdcage Ghost Picture

Bridgett Vera from California sent this freaky ghost picture of ectoplasm around a birdcage:

"I had a disposable 35 mm camera (Kodak) that I had used sometime in 2004 or 2005. I had totally forgotten about the camera as it was sitting on my hutch for nearly a year before I got around to developing it. I have always been interested in ghosts and tried on numerous occasions to capture one on film, visiting various haunted places around California, never really having much luck, (orbs and some minor haze). At the time I was using this camera, I wasn't looking for anything...the camera was pretty must wasted with pictures of the neighborhood stray cat, friends, myself...nothing special. I remember my parakeet was doing something cute and I wanted to take a picture of him. He was putting his head in a bottle cap and I thought it was adorable, so I took a couple of shots. When I got the film back, I was looking at the thumbnails and realized that they didn't print one due to its fuzziness. I put the pictures away and thought nothing of it. As weeks went by, it kept bothering me, so I decided to take another look at the thumbnails. All excited, I got the thumbnails and scrutinized that fuzzy one. I couldn't make anything out until I turned the picture upside down. There appears to be a picture of a man's head, and some sort of tube going through his nose. The picture is quite creepy (love it!). Any rate, I asked my family about relatives who had one had any tubes in them during passing. I then tried to come up with logical explanations, as I troubleshot through all possible ideas for the picture. There was nothing obstructing my view. I was alone and about two feet or so away from the bird cage. I do not smoke. The windows were drawn and there was only a lamp on, which is located on the opposite end of my living room. In fact, the picture taken right after the ghostly one shows what the area looks like without any apparitions."