Nana Watching Ghost Picture

Marnie sent us this incredible ghost picture of Nana watching over the children. The photograph was taken in Niagara Falls, Canada in 1997. Here is the story:

"My Nana died when my oldest was a baby. Ten years later my two younger daughters (born much after her death) were playing in the bedroom that contains all of Nana's old bedroom furniture that we kept. These photos are not tampered with and we still have the negatives.There are no photos in the room of her to have made any reflection, and my brother took the photo - he bares no resemblance to her. No one has been able to explain this; only being able to confirm the photos have been untouched. I have sent photos of my Nana (with my oldest daughter) from before her death for comparison and a blow up of the upper left mirror. Someone also pointed out to me the energy ectoplasm (if that's the right term)."