Utah Pioneer Museum Ghost Picture

In October of 2007, security officers at Utah's Pioneer Memorial Museum noticed what appeared to be a woman's face on their security monitors. Motion on the screen caused them to become concerned that someone might be in the building. The Highway Patrol was called to investigate.

The female form remained on the video screen for about five minutes. When patrol officers arrived to investigate the specter, the face quickly disappeared. No one was found in the museum. This would not be the end of the ghost story.

The ghostly form showed up in the video picture, again. The face was seen at least three times over a seven day period by employees. Security officials have moved items around, cleaned the camera lens and screens, but the ghost picture still appeared. Then, it vanished for good.

They say the ghost only has appeared at night when the memorial museum becomes dark. Some believe the face could have been formed from reflection off of glass items in the museum. You decide...