Crooked Mile Cemetery Ghost Picture

Airick sent us this ghost picture with what appears to possibly be ectoplasm...ghostly presence. Is there a face forming to the right of the headstone?

"I went to Crooked Mile Cemetery a while ago and came up with this picture. There was nobody smoking and you can see at least two orbs in it. I also turned up the contrast. ...there is a mysterious fog that happened out of nowhere. That night was really clear...clear skies and everything, but I would like to particularly have you look about an inch right of the gravestone and tell me if there's anything going on. This is the best picture I have yet seen of Crooked Mile Cemetery. I went there that night, because I heard of it being haunted and stuff. So I (and some friends) brought a digital camera to see what's going on. Funny thing that also happened out there was later after the picture was taken, I and one of my friend Jarrod (300 lb red-neck) were walking through the center trail and we heard something run right in-between us. It sounded exactly like somebody running through leaves, and went right past us. We looked at each other and he bolted off. I've never seen a big guy run that fast in my life. I didn't run, because I thought I had too much pride; then I heard it again running up behind me. I said, "F this, I'm out..." and bolted out of the cemetery. My two other friends followed, then we came home and noticed this picture."