Florida Apparition Ghost Picture

We received this picture taken in Florida and were simply intrigued by the possible facial image...apparition?

"These photographs were shot by my wife while we were in a local, old cemetery. We decided to do a little poking around after my wife had talked to a local man who cuts the grass in the cemetery. We had discussed seeing things in the cemetery, including a full body apparition of an old man with a straw hat. He told my wife he was not the only witness to this apparition, as others had seen him as well. These pictures were taken in the early afternoon with a Kodak Easyshare cx6200. The weather was mainly sunny and temperatures in the high 70s. We did not witness anything there, but when we got home we were amazed at what we found. (There) appears to be a man standing on a grave looking upwards and you can see his arm and hand covering his heart. The cemetery seemed quite old, as we found headstones that dated back to the mid 1800's. It is still used today in the small community to lay to rest their loved ones."