Foggy Area Ghost Picture

Riki sent us this interesting ghost picture that has orbs and a foggy area - ectoplasm manifesting. What could have created it other than the presence of spirit?

"I was wondering if you could look at this picture and tell me what do you think is in there, besides the large orbs. I see a foggy area beside me (that's me in the pic) in between the top orbs and lower orb. I've put the picture in high contrast also, to see if that would help. I wondered if it was ectoplasm. I don't smoke, nor allow it in my house. I was the only one home, set the camera on auto."

"I am attaching two more pics that I just remembered.  The first one, you can see a nice little orb above the bush.  My hubby and I were experimenting with the camera on our camping trip to see what we could pick up.  The second picture is so awesome.  I mentally asked for our loved ones to show themselves if they were around and just look!  Tons!  We were thrilled and awed."