Grandfather Ghost Picture

Leo Bonomo of England sent us this old picture. It is just a fantastic apparition-looking picture of his grandfather and his successors. We believe it was most likely created by a double-exposure somehow. However, as decide!

"This is a clear picture of my Grandfather. He seems at first very clear, then as you look you can see that in fact you can see the fence through him, leaves and daylight!"

"I think that is me and my sister in the picture.  She was three years younger than me.  I am now 50.  I remember being two when we first moved into the house, in which I believe this was the garden.  I would put the girl at about four (?), so it was around forty years ago.  No idea what sort of camera was used, but obviously an old one: the picture is a sepia/black & white type.  It may also interest you to know that I am a medium and have been seeing and experiencing things since aged two. I think that it is cool too, because it is one of those that the more you look the more you see. At his feet you can very clearly see a grass stalk through his legs. It is very hard to fake (if you wanted to) a picture like this.  If you want to blow it up you can see more. The original picture is close to 3 inches by 2 in size."