Phantom Ghost Picture

Lia sent us this interesting ghost picture of a phantom image that appeared in the doorway. Looking blurry and cloud-like, this could be a manifestation of spirit presence (ectoplasm) that is exhibited in the photograph. Is this phantom a ghost? You decide...

"This photo was taken using my Samsung E590 mobile phone with a 3 megapixel camera on a chilly February morning. I found it amusing to put my one year old son on top of a big cooking pot (or should I say cauldron) and snapped a shot. While I was uploading the picture to my flash drive, I noticed that there was a blurred image behind him. That was our door, and no other family member was inside for all were busy making my little boy smile for the camera. It seemed to me that the white figure (behind the green and white jacket on the rail) was standing, but no visible head was captured. This was really weird for us since this was the first time that something was caught on camera together with my son."

The phantom white image looks like clothing, but is not solid. We thought perhaps it was the camera strap hanging down in front of the lens, but it does not continue down into the boy or his clothing, appearing behind the porch rail. Perhaps if the photo had been taken showing a larger area, we might have seen more details, such as a head or arms.

Is this the ghost or enlightened spirit of a relative watching over the young boy?