Ghost Pictures: Universal Studios Ghosts

Junior sent us this ghost picture taken in Hollywood at Universal Studios. The special effects show takes place in this room, and could it be that some other tourists jumped in front of Junior's picture right before he snapped it for their own picture? Junior says it couldn't have happened. Take a look:

"I took these pictures at Universal Studios, in Hollywood. They are at the special effects stage. I took only three. The first (picture) was taken accidentally; the second was taken with the flash on; and thethird (picture) was also with flash, but was too far from the props on the stage. There were no mirrors or glass near the stage. I also lightened the (first) picture so you can see what I noticed later on my camera. I know my camera was out of focus, and there are red streaks in the picture; but that's not what I want you to notice about the picture. ...I should have been able to see the stage and the bigfoot's feet at the bottom...and also the whole dinosaur creature that is in front of the stage. Yet there is obviously something or some things in the way of that picture. It looks to me that there is a man who looks to be sitting in back of the strip to keep from crossing over to the stage and handling the old man...others say it looks like a younger man thats next to something else I took the picture about 90 seconds before the picture that clearly shows nothing in front of the stage"

"When I took the pictures, there was no one around.  All the staff were in uniform close to us.  When I showed the pictures to them, they told me and my girlfriend to not spook them, 'cause they have to work there and asked us not to talk about it. There was no one that jumped into the picture...I would have seen them in's obvious that something was there.  Whatever it may's as authentic as you can get."