Father Spirit Ghost Picture

Liz sent us some ghost pictures and we decided to show you this amazing photo of spirit presence...most likely of her father who passed the day before the pictures were taken. Please note that no one smokes in their family, so what caused the ectoplasm to appear?

"These are a few pictures that my mother and I took the morning of July 13, 2005. They were taken in the room my father died in. He died the day before these pictures were taken. Please take a look at them. There is a strange smoke-like substance floating in the air, yet no one in our family smokes. It was just my mother and I in the room."

This ectoplasm has nicely defined vapor trails, such that one would not find with cigarette smoke.  Many times, those who crossed over want to make sure their family is doing OK with heir passing or hope to let them know they are still alive.