Attic Ghost Picture

Kelly S. sent us this amazing story and photograph of what may be their attic ghost. Read the account and look at their ghost picture, then you decide...

"My daughter was sleeping in my son’s room and woke a few weeks ago to find a person she thought was me, trying to access our attic, very confused and frustrated. She called to that person, 'Mom, mom, what are you doing?' as she thought it was me sleeping...the entity bolted from the room. Last Monday, my son who knew nothing about what took place, (heard) his door slamming shut constantly, until he went up there and it stopped. Needless to say he was extremely frightened and now he refuses to sleep in his room."

" son and his friend braved the upstairs the day after the door slamming.  They took a few pictures.  When the attached picture showed this, they left the room.  I must tell you that it was taken with a cell phone camera (no straps~!)….no lights in the room and they were sitting on the bed with a wall behind them.  There is NO sheer curtain in his room and in fact, his window is covered by a heavy blanket so that his room is dark in the morning. "