Ghost Pictures: Trapt Concert Photo

Karol sent us this interesting concert photo of Trapt. We were unable to verify whether or not the band has a prop of a lady in the air above the stage. This Trapt concert picture shows the lady as illuminated, which may mean it is supposed to be there as part of the show. If anyone sees Trapt in concert this year, please let us know by e-mail () if this lady is above the stage, so we can update this page and story:

"We went to a concert at our local state fair to see a band called Trapt last Saturday 8/26. The person I went with took a picture with his cell phone, as I had commented on how the laser lights would make a good picture. He just sent me this picture, and on the right side in between the stage lights and the big screen TV is a very bright spot, when I zoom in on the bright spot it looks like a women with long hair. I can see all facial features, and the shape of the hair. I know that no one would be hanging from the ceiling of the events center, and there were no lights or TV screens positioned in this area. It could be a trick of eye, but I thought it was too clear with the facial features to be just a reflection. Hope you find it interesting."

"I was looking at the picture again, just to see if I could tell whether or not the bright spot is a prop.  I really do not think that it is a prop.  I do not remember seeing anything like this.  We had moved around the arena, and we were very near the stage at one point, and I did not see anything hanging from the ceiling.  If there was something hanging from the ceiling, it would have to be hanging at least 50 feet from the top of the arena.  The stage lights are about 30 feet from the ceiling, and I just don’t believe that they would hang one prop that high up.  Also, as I was looking closely, I noticed another face.  It is located above the stage lights. Three light reflections traveling toward the ceiling, and in the first light there is another face.  It is also very clear.  Hope you can see what I am talking about.  I am positive that it is not a prop, there is no way any one could put something up that high, especially when no one can see it."