PPI Ghost Pictures

Liz of Paranomal Phenomenon Investigation (PPI) sent us these pictures and ghost investigation story...

"10-28-06 We did an investigation of a home in Arkansas, near the state line of Oklahoma. The team members were: Liz, Tracey, Heather, Connie, Jason, Tammy, Nancy. The reason we had so many people with us, was because there was the home to investigate and also around 60 acres to check out...and also a cemetery next to the home. (I'll just call the home owner Sara) I will respect her privacy, as she doesn't want her name revealed.

Sara contacted Heather to see if we could come, and of course we did, after hearing everything she was going through. This is a picture of her home. Sara and her husband are doing a lot of building on this site. Sara lives there with her six year old daughter; her husband is in the service right now and not at home. But to my
understanding she has been seeing apparitions ever since she has lived there. Her and also her daughter see a man inside the home, and also a man looking into one of the front room windows...just watching them.

Sara was telling us of the cemetery - there is a little boy that after his mother leaves, will come out and let himself be seen playing with a small rubber ball. This is about the only time they see him (the daughter can tell you just what he looks like and what he is wearing). Here is a picture of the cemetery with a red orb looking at Tracey. If you blow this picture up, it appears to be the little boy.

The woods are full of unexplained voices,and you get the feeling of being watched. You can also hear foot steps behind you, or in front; can't quite tell where they are coming from. We actually know by Kay doing the research on the land and surrounding area, what is going on. There was a battle on their land between the North and South. There is a lot of soldiers that lost there lives on this land. Some, I would imagine, think the war is still going on and trying to find a place to hide; and I believe that's where the man in the window comes in. You can also sit on the front steps and see two dark shadows of what appear to be soldiers marching back and forth by the wood line, patrolling...looking for the enemy.

You need to be really careful if you go into these woods, because they are full of wild animals, like black bears, wild cats, panthers and anything else you can think of. That's why Jason came along this time - he had to carry a gun when we went into the woods. The barn is also full of activity. You can see all kinds of anomalies. In some of the pictures I took, there is so much in them, it's hard to see it all. This is really one place I don't believe I would like to live; not because of the haunting going on, but it's too far out in the country for me. I am a city girl at heart, but I did find all of this fascinating and I would go back. Mrs. Sara is dealing with all this just fine now that she knows what is going on. Nothing is trying to hurt them in any way. All it is, or mostly is reenacting the war, except for the little boy. His spirit is still there, waiting. He passed away so fast (he drowned). He does need to move on, and we will try and help him the next time we go out there, which will be after Thanksgiving."