Ghost Music Picture

Marissa sent us a very interesting photograph taken while music was playing. She says she used singing to help the ghost move-on and out of their home:

"We had moved into a different house, and the first night we stayed there I heard loud noises in the walls. It was much too loud to say that the house was settling because it was an old house. Months went by and my whole family experienced noises and things that would fall when they were well set in their place. We were not scared, because we did not get a negative vibe from it. My husband and I are musicians. We were jamming one day, and my friend was videotaping. She started shaking her head back and forth, and I did not understand why. I leaned over, looked at the camera and saw this white figure floating. Right then and there I knew that it was the spirit in the house. I started improvising by singing to the spirit to go with God, that everything was o.k., and it was free. Ever since that day passed, we have not heard anything in the house. That was a great experience."

Strange, white anomaly was seen floating in the LCD screen before this image was captured. If it was afloat, then it was not on the lens. It does not appear to be light reflecting off of dust or lint floating in front of the lens, because it seems too large and oddly-shaped. Is it a new artifact or spirit? We can't explain it away, so you decide.