Husband's Presence Ghost Picture

Ann from Waukesha, Wisconsin sent us a ghost picture of what she believes may be her husband's presence. This is a nice ghost photo of ectoplasm - the physical manifestation of spiritual presence. Many believe that loved ones show up for holidays, anniversaries and birthdays:

"I am new to this spirit stuff, but very interested...especially since I took this picture last year (I took another this year and really got a wild photo). I am only sending last year's photo for now. My husband died in April of 2004. Every year on December 2nd (our wedding anniversary), we have a tree lighting ceremony, including the outside lights. On December 2, 2005, I took the picture without him and came up with this photo. The white swirly in the photo is not snow. It was a calm clear wind. Could it be him? I will always wonder and hope. The photo was taken with a digital camera. No small orbs that year, but had many of them this year. When taking the photo, I saw the white stuff and thought it was snow. So I did a double-take through the lens and looking over the top of camera, I still saw it. So I snapped the photo. When I looked again, it was gone."