Santa Paula Ghost Pictures

Heather Kennedy went ghost hunting in Santa Paula, CA, recently. Here are some of her ghost pictures and story:

"These pictures were taken at an old grave yard in Santa Paula, California. The oldest graves go back to the mid 1800's, and it appears it was originally a Spanish grave yard. My husband and I have been exploring graveyards for over six years, and the ratio of capturing something on camera is about 1/50 for us. We visited the "California Hotel," the old insane asylum a while back, and I took over 200 photos and we got nothing. So imagine my surprise when we looked at these and saw all these orbs. If you can enlarge these pics you can see even more. The graveyard was pavement and grass, very little dirt. It is completely possible that the circles are dirt but the last picture shows one that is really bright. Unless the dirt is made out of glass, I don't know how it could reflect like that.

In the way of personal experience, my husband complained of footsteps following him. I did not experience that myself. On the other hand we got dive bombed by crows a few times and that was pretty freaky in the middle of the night."