Mt. Vernon Ghost Picture

Gary B. of Breaux Bridge, LA sent us this apparition and orb picture from a carriage house at Mount Vernon. You have to look at the close-ups carefully and the images will appear. This same effect can happen when looking at clouds. It is called "matrixing." Are these real ghosts or is it a "matrixing" effect? You decide...

"My wife recently loaned our digital camera to her kid sister for the 2006 Easter break. She was going on a school trip to the Washington, D.C. area. The camera was a Canon PowerShot A300 that I had purchased a few years ago. When my sister-in-law returned from her trip she returned the camera to my wife. I then took the camera and downloaded the pics she took to my computer so I could delete the images from the digital camera. While looking through the pictures I noticed typical pictures of the D.C. area. However, I came across one picture that seemed to have a bunch of spherical lights or "orbs". I even reasoned that all the lights were from either dust or some type of sun/flash reflection or refraction. I really don't know the proper terminology for this. However, I zoomed in on the picture which was of an old time carriage in a stable of some kind. Upon zooming in on the front of the carriage I noticed what appeared to be a little girl in some vintage clothing in the left/front of the carriage. Again, upon further observation I noticed in the right/front of the carriage what appeared to be a man dressed up almost like a forty-niner miner. I could only assume he could be a stable hand of some sort.

At this point I had no clue where my sister-in-law had snapped this picture and what exactly was the significance of the carriage. A week later she came visit my wife and I and I asked her where did she take the picture. She informed me that the picture was taken at George Washington's Estate which is, as most know, called Mt. Vernon in the state of Virginia. I showed her, as well as my wife, the picture and asked their opinions without giving them a hint of what was in the picture. They both said they saw what I saw, "a little girl and a bearded man." I then asked my sister-in-law who is fifteen years old who was around when she took the picture? She stated that she was on the tour with a guide and about 10 of her classmates and 3 parents who were chaperons. She said there was no one present at the time that could be mistaken for the images produced on the camera, even if it were some type of reflection in the glass of the carriage. As a matter of fact, she said that she had broke away from the group and snapped the picture alone with everyone else at least 30 to 40 yards away. The picture was taken around 4:30 to 5:00 in the afternoon and it was not raining or recently rained according to my sister-in-law."

Update:  (The image is below) "I was browsing through some of your photos and came across the Mt. Vernon Coach image.  Even though I couldn't really see the two figures outlined by the article, I did notice a figure looking towards the camera sitting behind the right hand quarter panel window of the coach.  It appears to be wearing a cowboy hat and also has a beard.  I have tried to point this out in the attached file, however, for some reason my copy of PSP makes the image appear a little more pixellated than the original. So just use my image to direct your attention when comparing it to the original image posted on your site." - G