Photo of an Old Man Ghost

M & M Wilke sent this ghost picture to us with a fantastic story. Do you see the old man?

"(This) photo was taken on my daughter's birthday in Australia. When we looked at the photo we noticed an orb and a few weird white dots on the left of her so we fiddled around with the clolour settings and came up with what looks like an old man's face. It freaked us out as we had experienced several incidents with weird noises and a spirtit visit in the middle of the night which caused me to scream and wake up our neighbours. I had been awake for a little while and was getting annoyed about being cold and not able to go back to sleep and when I turned over to see if my husband was asleep I saw an old man leaning over him. There was a window right next to our bed and seeing as there was a full moon there was enough light coming through the blinds that I could see the figure quite clearly. When I started screaming to my husband to get up, and that someone was in the room the figure turned his head to look at me, puzzled I felt, and then disappeared.

My younger daughter has also commented on "an old man with the weird boots who walks funny in our hall" at times when noone is around. She started this when she was really young and is not the type of child who has a vivid imagination. The room of our oldest daughter (in pic) gets very cold at times and her friends are too scared to stay for a sleepover there. Our cat will sometimes sit for a long time and stare at one corner and then all of a sudden run away scared. Our dog doesnt like being in the room either. A light just outside her room turns itself on and off at times and that always seems to happen around times when noises occur and a coldness is felt. My daughter is scared of sleeping in her room and says things have been moved around slightly in the morning and banging noises and whispering keeps her up. Grown up friends of ours who have visited and not known about our experiences have commented on the feel of the room and can't get out of there quickly enough."