Tina's Dad Ghost Picture

Tina Carrigan sent us this ghost picture of ectoplasm vapor trails above her husband's head, which may just be her dad who passed in May 2006:

"After dad died, my husband, kids and I decided we would update dad's house and move in (even though it's half the size of our house. We had been living in the house for over a month and decided to have one of my friends and her daughter over for dinner. Afterwards, Gary (my husband) decided to read a book to my friend's two year old daughter. It was cute, so I grabbed the digital camera and what I saw in the screen made me look in awe. I could see the ghost (whether it be my dad or anyone else) looking through the camera screen, but when I looked with the naked eye there was nothing. I chose to take the picture regardless and it did show up. As you can see, it goes over my husband's head and over his hat - it looks as though he has the 'smokiness' going over his hand (not through it), then down by his side. The ghost looks as though it's standing behind Gary watching him read to Alexia (my friend's daughter) even though dad had never met the little one."