Whistling Man Ghost Picture

Dawn sent us this great ghost story and picture. We're not sure if the anomaly is a mist or a person, so take a look...and see if you can figure it out. Do you see a man in a hat?

"We were up north at our cottage when our neighbor came over and asked my daughter and myself if we wanted to go "ghost hunting." We went to four different locations and took pictures at every place we visited. While we were at the Mio Cemetery, I shined my flashlight towards the woods that were right on the side of the cemetery. I didn't see anything, but as I turned around, all three of us heard a man whistling. I got scared, because it was 11:00 pm in a very small town, and I ran back to the van. The next morning, our neighbor went and had the pictures developed. THIS IS WHAT WAS IN THE PICTURE (not the fake deer on the left), IN THE SAME PLACE WE HEARD THE WHISTLING! I cannot figure out what it is. It looks like a man's head, inthe upper right corner, looking towards the left...possibly wearing a hat. Follow down where the body should be; there is none, but can you see the grave stone under what I think is a head?"