Ghost Pictures: Flying Bench

Kitija sent us this very weird ghost picture from Latvia for your review. If you look close, the bench is flying over the headstone, and there is super-charged energy to the right of the headstone...down right weird...

"We photographed this picture in the cemetery. And there was no bench flying over the stone; and if you look closer, you will see white stripes in the air. We would like to hear your comments about this picture."

Update:  "I noticed that in the photo Flying Bench Ghost Picture (August 2005) if you zoom in on the bench, on the left side there looks to be fingers (claws?) dark in color on the top and the bottom of the bench. Creepy!  I just wanted to add that I grew up in a very haunted house and have had other occurrences happen outside the family home also. I have never looked at any pictures but after reviewing this sight I will be going back over old and new pictures to look for anything unusual."  - Denise in Maryland