Saskatoon Ghost Picture

Melissa sent us this intriguing ghost picture taken at Marr residence in Saskatoon, Canada. At first glance, we were not sure what we saw, but after looking at it awhile, we see a bearded man looking out the window. Do you see him?

"The Marr photo is taken of the Marr residence...I had went to see the house, and everyone here knows about it. ...there's known to be orbs and stuff. I actually have been in this house, as its kinda' like a tourist attraction. It is open every Sunday, as they will no longer allow people downstairs; because the ghost in the basment does not like women at all and will hurt them if they go downstairs. I was outside and looked at the window. It was like there's something about that window that wants me to take a picture. So, I did. T here was no one there in the window when I had taken the picture. It was clear from things and no one was inside and no one was near on the outside!"

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