Dog Spirit Ghost Picture

Michelle sent us this ghost picture with the spirit of her dog captured in the background:

"This picture was taken on the 2nd of September, 2005 in Western Australia - as it was my 25th birthday. I was using a Canon MVX250i digital video cam corder. I took the picture of myself, and when I downloaded it...this is what came up. Above my left shoulder, in the window, you can see a dog's face. This is my dog, Rusty (Bull Terrier / Ridgeback mix). When he was three months old, I rescued him of becoming a guard dog (where I worked at the time), but sadly, when rusty was 15 months old, he was ran over. Also, look behind Rusty - near the blinds there seems to be someone standing there... above the fence I can see a male face and where the white dot is just look under and it seems to be another dog's face."