Great Grandfather Ghost Picture

Jennifer Burroughs sent us this ghost picture of what just may be their great grandfather. The similarity is striking...did they capture his spirit visiting them? You decide:

"A friend was visiting, and her friend took a picture of us in my kitchen. I noticed something in the doorway of my son's bedroom and blew it up. I saw a face and messed with the color a bit to make the face easier to see. When I showed my husband he rummaged through a box of pictures and pulled out a picture of his great grandfather. He closely resembles the face in the center of the photo. If you look closely, there are other faces in the photo. We moved into our home 4 years ago and have had a lot of paranormal activity. The land my house is built on was once part of a Spiritualist camp and seems to be a spirit magnet. My son, Elijah, tells my husband and I that "Grandfather" was here. We assume that this is him."