Shadows Ghost Pictures

Stephanie Afraid Of Bear of Pocatello, Idaho sent us these ghost pictures of shadows captured around family. Dark shadows, shadow people and shadow ghosts are all different names for the same entities, which we believe are true ghosts. The shadow or "darkness" is an indication of the earthbound spirit's inner condtion. Darkness is best interpreted as "lost" or "lack of understanding." This would be a person who is in emotional trauma. Most ghosts are not negative, but some are, not unlike the varying degrees of personalities of people one may meet on this side of the grave:

"I've had these photos for some time and was always curious about the shadows in all three. The man in these photos is my brother and in each photo he is holding a child. The first one is of him and his daughter when she was very small at a mobile home. There is that dark area on top, but if you notice it kinda' goes around the lamp. The second is with him and our niece at Primary Children's Hospital in Albuquerque, NM. This one is completely unexplainable. The last one is of him and his son at their home in Fort Hall, ID. It looks like a shadow creeping in from the side. Can you please take a look at them and tell me what you think. It would be nice to get someone else's opinion of them. I have never ever shown these to anyone else, not even to anyone in my own family. My brother passed away over two years ago and my niece pictured in the hospital photo also passed away about a year after that particular picture was taken. We have discussed the possibility that the shadow in that photo is his son Elias, who also passed away at only two days old in 1996."

The shadow creeps in from the left.  A finger that is partially covering the flash will sometimes create this effect, but if you notice in the second photo, the shadow goes clear across the photo and thins.  Shadow ghosts are typically "black." This more than likely validates the other two photos as also having captured a dark shadow with the brother.  A shadow ghost could be simply a loved one or friend who has passed on, but not gone unto the light as of yet.