Auschwitz Ghost Photo

Dean Miyazaki of Los Angeles, California sent us this ghost picture taken at Auschwitz. Dean saw the man looking back at him, but did he see the woman to the right of him? Are these ghosts? Read on...

"I visited Auschwitz last month and took this picture in through an open door way. The picture speaks for itself - there is someone sitting on the bunk looking back at you."

Do you see the woman to the right of the man? She appears to be standing, while the man could also be standing or maybe sitting on the bunk. Are they ghosts from the awful concentration camp of World War Two, or was the photo taken through glass that reflected the images of visitors looking into the room? Well, there was no
glass between the camera and the bunks!

"The picture was taken through an open door way (no glass). The door way was roped off and only allowed one or two people at a time to look in because the bunks were to the right. Some people think this is a reflection, but there was no glass. The room was along a long hall way and there was no glass behind me either. Yes, there is a woman standing to the right, it was pointed out to me after I sent you the picture. The attached picture shows the buildings – it was one of the buildings on the left."