Hooded Ghost Picture

J. Howard sent this incredible ghost picture of a hooded figure. Is this hooded figure a ghost or was someone else there? Well, looking at this figure more closely, it is all black which could point to it being a shadow ghost or apparition. Hooded monks were known to parts of the UK hundreds of years ago. This frightening, hooded
figure is actually walking behind the people while they stare at the building. Yikes!

"This picture was taken in Ireland approximately three years ago, by my brother-in-law. The only people in the graveyard at the time was my mother, another elderly couple and my sister and her husband. Certainly, no one was wearing a hooded cloak, as seen behind my mother near to the entrance!"

Is it a ghost or did someone jump into the picture? The entire figure looks black and we think the others would have had to at least look its direction had it been seen with the visible eye.

Update: The monk was seen and photographed again. Check out the article in the Irish Evening Herald from April 26, 2007!