Ghost Pictures: Haunted Queen Mary

Is the Queen Mary ship haunted? These pictures would seem to indicate that it is indeed haunted by ghosts! Terri sent us this great story and ghost picture from the famous Queen Mary pool area:

"On our third day on the Queen Mary, I decided (after a night full of horrible and outstanding experiences) to try and find some of the lonely spirits that are claimed to be seen at the first class pool. I was not taking photos, but Tommy I could relax and enjoy the beauty of the ship's pool, and just listen. I was standing at the far right side of the pool (can be seen on the web cam), and I first felt a tug on my blouse. I of course turned around fast to see who was next to me, but no one was there. Tommy was on the other side of the pool taking photos, so I knew it was not him. Again the feeling of not being alone was over powering, and I felt someone touch my left arm. I again turned around and NO ONE was near me! I called for Tommy to come over and take photos, and while I was talking to him, saying that I again have been touched, someone was playing with my purse strings (which was over my shoulder). It felt so weird. I just stood there while this little person was playing with my purse and my blouse. I could feel someone or something touching my back... I told Tommy it keeps touching me and the tour guide said calmly, "Our little girl Jackie is playing with you. Say hello to Jackie." I felt a little weird knowing that someone was touching me and playing with my blouse; but at the same time IT WAS OUTSTANDING!!!! I was not afraid at all.

After Tommy and I got home we went through all of our photos, and we did not catch Jackie playing with my blouse; but we did catch two figures watching us upstairs above the pool...looking down at us! If you look closely, you will see a figure of a man who is wearing a blue jacket. There were so many deaths on the Queen Mary, so we don't know who it is! The Queen need to experience! Keep an open mind and you won't be going home without something happening to you. Tommy was not a believer, but after what he witnessed, HE IS NOW!"