Cat Ghost Picture

We received ghost picture of an orb that just may be Letitia's cat who passed, "Boots." Many people do not realize that pets will hang around a while after their passing. Some people pick up on their pet's sounds, touch or sometimes even see their pet in spirit...

"My cat was fifteen years old when I had to put him down on January 30th, 2007 due to congestive heart failure. (My cat was) very dear and close to me...I was sad and decided to take some pics around the apartment a couple days later. I swear I felt at peace finally when I captured this orb in a picture, exactly where he would usually sit. I swear I see him in the orb. You can distinctively see his black ears and white face...right or am I crazy? All I know is I feel his presence here still now, all the time. The pic is a close up of the orb. I also sent some pics of Boots to see if anyone else sees what I see."

Looks like he approves, considering the orb appears in many photos I have taken of the three kids...especially pictures of Jada, my 2 1/2 year old Pitbull that absolutely adored Boots since she was 8 weeks old. Every now and then, during the afternoon sun she will stare under the plant where he would always sunbath
and you feel the presence of a love and friendship she truly misses. Now with the new additions, its almost as if you can feel Boots watching over Jada and them.