Mexico City Ghost Picture

Vicki T. from Dallas, Texas sent this picture taken in Mexico City. We believe it was created through reflection of the close attention to the colors of their clothing in the glass door...

"We were in Mexico City, Mexico. Picture was taken late December 2005. The picture I have is outside of the same house. The weather was nice, very sunny no clouds, Slightly windy, but not much. I see in this picture a glare from the camera flash but just beside that there is a man with what looks like black hair, wearing sun glasses, he has a somewhat thick mustache. I believe if it was a problem with the camera it would be smaller, so it looks like it is farther away like the flash. To me it looks like the man would be standing about 4-5 feet away. Maybe you can help me figure out if it is a ghost or if its just a trick from the flash."

We believe the half-head image was created by the dad and kids.  Look closely at the "eye" and it is the same color as the dad's blue cap; the face color is the same as dad's shirt, etc.  You can even see the red shirt of the boy down below that, making up the beard.  Nice effect, but not ghostly.