Purple Haze Ghost Picture

Denise sent this ghost picture. We do not have an explanation...there's a nice ectoplasm pic from Denise below, too. What do you think?

"I was curious-what do you think of this one? I have quite a few pictures from this particular moment in time and no other one had this red film present in this one..."

"The story being after leaving this place the little girl in the picture told a relative that she put her "tooth fairy" money in a wishing well at the place.  The relative then explained that if she told her wish that it wouldn't come true. The little girl then replied well it may have already.  The relative then said well okay then tell me.  She said I wished my Nana was here with me tonight to see the Christmas lights (needless to say she never even knew her Nana as she had passed away a few years before the little girl's birth)."