Jail Ghost Picture

Holly and Martin Bitner took this ghost picture while on honeymoon in St. Augustine, Florida. The old jail apparently revealed a ghostly face...creepy!

"I wanted to take some pictures, so I could capture a spirit. At the time I was joking, well the spirit wasn't laughing - I think the spirit didn't want to be photographed. I felt really weird inside the jail. My husband finally gave me the camera and as I turned and snapped a shot inside the jail, out of no where I felt like someone slapped the camera out of my hand. The camera slammed onto the ground."

"At this point, another woman on the tour stated, "Now that was a ghost." Another woman and her husband exited the jail after this incident.  I picked up my camera and my new husband was thinking, "What a klutz."  I felt cold and weird and excited.  I knew I just had encountered something; what, I had no idea.  After checking the camera and reviewing our pictures at the end of the tour, this is what we found.  If you look upwards, it looks like a face...maybe an old inmate?"