Gettysburg Stadium Ghost Picture

Liz from Philadelphia, PA sent us this ghost picture of Gettysburg. The big orange globe in the middle of the ghost picture is the moon, so I cropped out a picture that shows the moving orbs amongst the lights. Are they orbs or camera movement? Everything else appears still. Could it have been caused by the flash setting? Here are Liz's words:

"On a family trip to Gettysburg in October 2003, we took a 9pm ghost tour. One of our stops was this stadium area which our guide states was a battlefield site and known to be haunted. She encouraged everyone to take pictures, as ghost orbs are often seen. The night was clear and warm, in the low 70's. There was a half moon which can be seen in the picture. When we returned home and I downloaded the picture, I noticed 7 "orbs" on the left of the picture and one orange glowing "orb" to the right of the picture. The stadium lights can also be seen. The photo was taken with a Kodak Easy Share CX6330 digital camera."