Ghost Pictures: Cemetery Flare

Kathy Owen of Bodfish, California also sent this picture in. We cannot explain what cause this flare-looking anomaly...

"This is a pic of our trip to the cemetery, located in Wolford Heights, Ca. My son took the picture. The pictures were taken with a digital camera, no rain, no wind, no moon, nothing at all to interfere with the pic. My son was just aiming at total blackness, in hopes of catching something. And we did!! This is weird....very weird."

UPDATE: Kathy O. sent us an enhanced version of this picture:

"I enhanced it using the Kodak Software. I can't believe how detailed it came out. Now I can really see what was truly there. Which makes it a lot more freaky!! Look off to the right of the red glow, and you can see a little man standing there in a suit. I can see his head very clearly and he has his mouth open as to be he's moaning. Do you see him?"