Fallen Camera Ghost Picture

Jennasea and Chelsea Gonzalez sent us this cool story and strange paranormal picture:

"This picture was taken 07/11/05 around 2am. I live in South Texas and there is said to be a lot of ghosts in my area. Well my sister and I were messing around and started wrestling with the camera in my pocket. When my sister knocked me down the camera came out of my pocket and flashed on the other side of the kitchen. When we looked at it, this picture appeared (lower left hand corner) and me and my sis freaked!!! At first we thought maybe it was one of us...but this picture doesn't resemble either of us in the slightest bit and the camera was no where near us when it flashed. We are huge chickens when it comes to the paranormal! Take a look at this picture and tell me what you think. In my opinion.. it's pretty freaky!"