River Crossing Ghost Picture

Tal Leverett sent us this ghost picture of ectoplasm mist. It is important to not call all mists and orbs ghostly when they appear near water. Water vapor can create orbs and mists. This mist is intriguing, however, due to the vapor trails which you will not see with typical fogs and mists. Here's the story:

"I was at my son’s house in Oregon for a birthday party for my granddaughter on June 13, 2007. Another nine year old named Kiki had been panning for gold with my son, George, and myself, while the other kids were tubing on the river. In the river picture George was helping Kiki cross the river. She was barefoot and the rocks hurt her feet. I thought it was so sweet and innocent that I decided to take a picture. The picture was taken with a "Kodak Easy Share CX7330 digital camera. It was around 3:30PM and in full sunlight. All of the other pictures came out as daylight. Not only did this one appear to have been taken at night but also there is some other kind of image on the screen. I don't claim to know what it is. I showed it to someone who said it's an angel. She pointed out what appears to be a wing extending over George and Kiki as if in protection of them. She then said usually there are Orbs present in pictures of angels. I had never heard of Orbs before. Later on I looked at the picture from the extreme left of the screen and sure enough there are several orbs visible from that view floating in air on the right hand side of the photo. After searching orbs on the web I understand that they are common with digital cameras. However I had never seen them before. In addition to the orbs how do you explain the night time appearance of the photo? What is the smoky image at the left? No one was smoking anywhere near the location. No one smokes at their house nor on their property. If you look closely, about 2/3rds of the way down the image, you will see extending to the right the hind most section of a beast barely outlined as if smoke. Just below the girl running away in red you will see the back with two legs descending from the hindquarters. My son and his wife are into paranormal things and create an atmosphere of welcome to good spirits."