Creepy Car Ghost Picture

Christy from Winthrop Harbor, IL sent these ectoplasm creepy car ghost pictures:

"I don't know much about ghosts but it gave me the creeps when I saw the pics this morning ..."

"Just thought I would share this photo with you. My husband bought (salvaged) this car a few days ago, in hopes to someday rebuild it (I won't hold my breath). Anyways, he got me a digital camera for my birthday (which was last week) and I have been taking A LOT of pictures. All of them have come out crystal clear. Last night, he decided to take a before picture of his car. When I brought the camera to work this morning and downloaded it into my computer, I noticed it looked like smoke all around the car. He took three pics, and these are the first 2 (the last one came out perfectly clear)."