Old Building Ghost Picture

SweetGirl posted a ghost picture taken in her apartment, which is within an old building:

"Photo taken by Shawn Mcelroy - Sunday, September 7, 2008 (morning around 11 AM). The picture you are looking at is why I think that perhaps my apartment is possibly haunted. It was taken while chatting on MSN with my boyfriend. As I stepped away from the computer briefly, he noticed a smoke-type shape in my room, for about 5 seconds, and took a snapshot of it. He also saw the smoke rising from the ground and take the shape you see now. When he noticed that it was taking a figure-shape he quickly took a screenshot of the MSN camera window and sent it to me. He did not manipulate the photo in any way, just took the snapshot and sent it to me."

"You can clearly see a smoke-type shape in the form of a body, and if you look closely, you can see eyes and a mouth. Can you? Or is it just me?

I do not know if this really could be a ghost (spirit); perhaps just a camera malfunction, but my question is: would a camera malfunction look so much like the shape of a person?

It gave me chills after I saw this picture and still does as I am typing this. If my apartment really is haunted, it is kind of creepy and exciting at the same time to think, 'Hmmm, my building is special,' and perhaps could be part of the sites to visit during the haunted walk of Ottawa.

But if it really is a ghost or spirit, all I hope is that it is a friendly one. When I think about it, it could be possible after all. The building is really old, 1800s or something like that."