Ghost Pictures: Vortexes & Ectoplasm

Larry Eastman from Charles City sent us these pictures and story. We believe angels & ghosts to be related, so we have no issue with these being either/or (messengers from the other side):

"There are five pictures in this one attachment. The older of the five were taken when I was about four years old. The other three were taken just less than three years ago, of items in my apartment where the only light in the room was behind me - and no other light in the room (even shaded sunlight as I have stigmatism to bright light of all types). I was going to go to new York and appear on Montel Wiliam's show when Sylvia Brown was there, to ask her what this was; but I decided that since I have heart trouble and other medical problems that I would not. The very next time she was on, there was a woman who had a picture of the same type. Sylvia told her they were Angels. I knew then, I didn't need to go!"