Old House Ghost Picture

Kelly, children and her boyfriend Brian are moving into an old house. While cleaning it, they captured this ghost picture of ectoplasm - spirit presence. The history of this building most likely has led to the activity that must be present:

"We were trying to document the way the house looked before we made any improvements. When we got home and started going through the pictures, we found some interesting photos, to say the least. To give a brief background of the house, it was built in either 1910 or 1940; we have gotten both dates through research. It was originally built as a schoolhouse, and was once a mental health facility, and briefly a nursing home, before it was turned into a residential home. I have not been able to find out anything specific about dates and such, but I do know that the city the house is in (Aroma Park, Illinois) was once Indiana territory. So needless to say the house (and the land) has a unique history. These pictures were taken with a Fuji digital camera, it was set on auto flash, which means that it automatically detects if flash is needed or not...the kitchen was well lit, so as far as I recall the flash did not go off..."

Ectoplasm mist swirls in the old house forming, unseen to the naked-eye, vapor trails of spirit presence.