Hostel Ghost Picture

La McMannis sent us this picture taken at a's the story:

"I was on holiday in Taupo, New Zealand, and came back to the Hostel I was staying after going out to dinner. I had my camera with me after a night out and started taking photos of the inside of the hostel for memorys sake. I remember one photo in the hallway where the flash didnt seem to go off properly and I was 100% alone at the time.

When i downloaded my photos and started going through them all was normal and had turned out fine. But when I looked at the photo of the hallway where the flash seemed to malfunction I could clearly see what looked like a face!

Needless to say I'm a little shocked. Now I could see a light up high, but it's not from the flash as it didnt go off, as you can probably tell - so I'm wondering if this was some kind of 'orb' that has something to do with the face?"