Mammoth Cave Ghost Photo

Tracey Burnett of Grottoes VA sent us this picture...what do you see?

"I was recently going through some old photos that I had stuffed in a drawer and came across this one. I had taken this photo about 15 years ago at Mammoth Caves in KY. I had some family come to visit me while I lived there and we took a trip to the caves. I'm pretty sure I took this one inside the cave so it was pretty dark when the photo was taken. It looks like it might be a civil war soldier holding a gun on his lap....... I also see some other activity to the right of the pic as well; possibly some faces that are starting to appear.I have some other photos that I had taken there too with many highly charged orbs. This must have been a really active place. I scanned two pics, one on top of the other -- and I circled the ghost in the bottom pic."