Dark Ghost Picture

We are told these two pictures were taken in completely in the dark, with no light source of any kind. This is an amazing story and we have absolutely no idea what caused this image to appear, as we were told that there was no flash on the camera or television involved:

"The TV was not on at the time this pic was taken - it was completely taken in the dark...no TV, no light, etc. The camera had a new card in it, so nothing was on the card to take a memory of...secondly the camera took its own pic...we happened to have taken a picture right after that, which turned out blank - in the same room a few minutes passed...nothing. The man in that pic, along with the little girl, and the lady, is a pic of a man that died in my home...that little girl is a little girl I have seen at my bedroom door, standing wearing a little red dress. There have been others who have visited our home, who have heard voices of a lady and a man, in like whispers. Makes me wonder if it's this same man and woman in the picture. I know you must think me to be nuts, but I am telling you like it is...and coming from the heart. I don't understand this any more than you do, all I know is I don't know what it is, or how it happens. Others have rented my home before it was mine, and moved, because strange things have happened here, and they experienced it. They couldn't handle it and moved. Neighbors have said that after that man killed himself in my home, and after the police discovered the body and all was said and done...after they took his body away and every one left the house, a little boy appeared, standing in my bedroom window. The neighbor didn't know what to think, only that he knows what he saw, and tells the same story today. I have talked to others (who lived in my home prior to buying it) say that spirits talked to them in this house, and that they were not afraid of them. All I know is what's been said and what I and my family know to be true."