Star of India Ghost Picture

Amanda sent us this amazing ghost picture of a ghost girl by the Star of India ship. The more we study this photograph, the more the girl's image looks to be a true ghost girl standing where perhaps there was dock or shore in the past!

"I'm very curious as to what people might think of this photo. I've shown it to countless of people who have urged me to submit it and get some other takes on it. I went to San Diego with my parents and my daughter who was four at the time. My dad had my daughter and I stand next to the Star of India for a picture. He thought it was a perfect time, because no one else was around. He is always careful as to not get any strangers in his pictures. I don't know. That's just always been his thing. Behind the barrier that my daughter is standing on is about a foot more of concrete and then a 6 ft drop into the San Diego harbor. The girl on the right was NOT there when my dad took the pic. I never saw her, my dad never saw her, and my daughter does not remember. Even more, she appears to have a glowing haze around her and that she might be going in the ocean! Some people say it might be my daughter's gaurdian angel; some say maybe a young girl who died too soon and hasn't crossed over. What do you think?"

This ghost girl photo becomes more intriguing the more you study it. She is misty, in a place where no parent would allow, and not added in by an art program from what we can tell!

Did you notice how white her dress is? Quite a striking and unexplainable ghost picture!

We contacted the Maritime Museum in San Diego and they informed us there is a log for sitting on the other side of that wall.

Is this girl a ghost or an embodied human who happened to be sitting there and stood up?

You decide...