Points of Light Ghost Pictures

These ghost pictures have light anomalies in them; we do not believe them to be flash reflection off of insects. Electrical presence is indicative of energy present. This energy of what many consider to be spiritual presence can interfere with electrical equipment such as camers....listen to this story from JCF:

"I have two pics I am including and will give a little detail about each. The photo with the two points of light was taken at a civil war battle site, now set aside by the local historical society (before it got bulldozed for new homes). It was taken in 2003 around dusk in May. I was using a 35mm camera and was having a lot of problems with the zoom. I actually heard these sparks of light before I saw them. I snapped off a pic, but didn't expect the two little points of light that showed up. They were not fireflies, as they were really fast and then gone. They made an electrical snapping sound.

The next photo was taken earlier this year with a digital camera in a very old cemetery. Again, I heard a snapping sound and captured a very tiny blue spark rapidly moving through the trees. I was amazed that my husband never heard a thing. Had I not heard that snapping electrical sound, I would never have taken this photo. What does it all mean??? The light moving through the trees appeared white in the photo and I have lightened it a bit."